Augmented Reality (AR) in Gaming

Jan 23, 2018

Gaming ecosystem is constantly evolving. Creators and developers in the gaming industry are constantly developing new games, methods, technologies to capture the attention and imagination of gamers around the world. From Mario to Tetris to Halo and now Augmented Reality (AR) powered games like Pokémon Go; the bar just keeps going higher. AR games allow the gamer to fight aliens, catch whimsical creatures or save the kingdom- all in the real world.

What is AR? AR superimposes computer-generated images on a user's camera-screen-view of the real world Pokémon Go proved to be the catalyst and a game changer for AR. Following the resounding success of Pokémon Go, game developers readjusted their games in order to add and adapt the new technological trend- AR. Augmented Reality helps in creating a combined view for the player which is an amalgamation of the real world and virtual images created by the computer.

Benefits of AR Augmented reality is a technology that works on computer “vision based recognition algorithms” which helps in adding intense sound, video, graphics and even smell. All the real world objects are added using the camera of the user’s device. Benefits derived from AR games are endless. Normal people (non-fanatics) are beginning to understand what it’s like to play games using smartphones. Games have reached another level of sophistication, which is helping to engage the millennial generation. Another major application has been stimulation games. AR makes that cockpit or cabin feel real to the gamer and helps improve their real-life abilities in a safe environment. Similarly, it can help soldiers, drivers, and students to enhance their skills. So along with entertaining, AR games are proving to be a great learning tool as well.

Microsoft HoloLens HoloLens, a mixed reality smartglass, has been the pioneer in pushing forward the boundary for AR games. It has created an ecosystem for a much improved and realistic AR experience for the users. A major upgrade is that HoloLens will scan the player’s room and will accordingly construct the environment.

Apart from Microsoft, there are multiple startups that are targeting the hardware, software and the game development side of the business. Expect to see a lot of VC funding and M&A activity as the market for AR gaming heats up.

Online gamblers will also be able to enjoy life like experience with the help of augmented reality. Live dealer games which are till now considered as a benchmark will not stand a chance against augmented reality casino games. Best feature will be 360-degree camera technology that will enable the player to see the entire online casino as if they were sitting in the physical casino. Not only that, the eyewear will also double up as the speaker and microphone that will allow the player to listen as well as give voice commands. Las Vegas Beware!!

Conclusion Gaming has always been at the vanguard of adopting new technology. AR has opened the floodgates to endless opportunities for gamers and developers. They can now recreate and reimagine the world and bring a level of experience only considered possible in Hollywood movies. The next few years will be defining for both the AR and the gaming industry.