Media Kit

The Lampix Platform

A truly interactive tabletop augmented reality system that uses blockchain-based image sourcing to recognize and react to the world.  At its core, Lampix looks like a fashionable LED table lamp, but it houses a high definition projector and camera that does more than just display your screen on a flat surface. Lampix recognizes fine hand movements and intelligently responds to an ever-growing list of real-world objects, inviting interaction on a whole new scale. 

About the Company

Founded on Sep 30, 2015 by co-founders George Popescu & Mihai DumitrescuLampix is an augmented reality smart projector and camera system that recognizes hands and objects, transforming any existing horizontal surface into an interactive one with a dazzling digital display. Lampix was named winner of Highway 1 (2016), the AR/VR category in the Accelerator Pitch event at SXSW (2017), and was named Best Augmented Reality Display by Next Reality (2017). The company currently has offices in New York, San Francisco and Brasov, Romania.

Download Video, Logo, photo and animated .Gif assets here