FORBES: Crypto And ICOs Just Entered The Physical World In A Big Way

Oct 16, 2017

The biggest recent news in the crypto world is that China issued a ban on ICOs, swiftly followed by South Korea. Japan is also rumored to be considering a similar ban. The U.S. SEC has also issued a warning against “pump-and-dump” ICO schemes, and is evaluating whether some offerings were not disguised securities following the DAO case.

The above raises questions about the meaning of money, securities, and might help “correct the market”. Some of it is reminiscent of China's ban of digital currencies for use in the "real world" way back in 2009 -- especially Tencent's. The case came down to mundane definitions of legal tender and sovereignty.

Away from arcane definitions, two recent news stories were noteworthy, as they connect crypto to the physical world.

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