Sep 18, 2018

Award-winning developer of tabletop augmented reality hardware and software Lampix announces the company’s upcoming airdrop campaign of its PIX tokens.  The utility coins are used in the company’s proprietary, crowd-sourced marketplace for labeled image data sets (image & description) for all computer vision, virtual & augmented reality and machine learning projects.  The airdrop will proportionately award bonus PIX tokens into the portfolio of existing PIX holders.    

The airdrop campaign celebrates the one year anniversary since Lampix launched its initial coin offering (ICO) of 657,154,880 PIX tokens.  From the start, the company’s ICO was structured with a 30% reserve, of which 25% will be unlocked and 10% of that amount was earmarked for four annual commemorative airdrops.  The PIX snapshot/cutoff will be 2 October at 1700 GMT.

Lampix CEO George Popescu commented: “We are grateful for the support our loyal communities have shown our project, and we would like to demonstrate our appreciation with this airdrop.  This campaign was designed to add value to the experience of our token holders.”

The PIX token is currently available to purchase on Bit-Z, BigONE and IDEX among others listed on the company website. 

Lampix CRO Salvatore Buccellato remarked, “As the machine learning, computer vision, and augmented reality industries grow, the PIX ecosystem will become more integral to the success of meeting data demands.  With this airdrop of 4,928,661 tokens, we are jumpstarting a robust marketplace for image mining and data sets.”

To participate in the airdrop, please visit

Additional announcements will be made on our official telegram channel

About Lampix

Lampix is an award-winning Augmented Reality technology company that combines their proprietary object-sensing software platform with an advanced smart projector and camera system. Lampix recognizes hands, objects, and documents bridging the gap between the physical and the digital with universal and communal augmented data. The company’s largest customers include Bloomberg, BMW, Nespresso, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Lampix was named winner of Highway 1 (2016), the AR/VR category in the Accelerator Pitch event at SXSW (2017), and was named Best Augmented Reality Display by Next Reality (2017)