LUXUO Interview with Lampix CEO George Popescu

Dec 11, 2017

In a recent interview with Luxuo, Lampix CEO and Co-Founder, George Popescu, discusses cryptocurrencies, ICOs, Lampix, and the PIX token. Popescu was asked about a dozen questions—some of which may be of particular interest to PIX token holders and, of course, those following Lampix.

LUXUO: Tell us more about Lampix and what is the Token Pix? Does Lampix have paying customers? What is unique about Lampix?

POPESCU: Lampix is an Augmented Reality device (hardware and proprietary software) that transforms almost any surface into a smart surface. It recognizes objets and actions and we believe is the next level of tech evolrefferallinkution, after the PC and smart phone. PIX is our token, created on the Ethereum blockchain based on the ERC20 standard. PIX will facilitate trading of image datasets needed for training Machine Learning algorithms used in Artificial Intelligence / Augmented Reality. Lampix as a company already has lots of paying customers. Bloomberg, PwC, BMW, Nespresso are just a few names. We already have a few other big names who have already approved budget with us, and are working in the final stages of procurement before we can make their names public. What makes Lampix unique is our proprietary software, and our team. We are not a bunch of inexperienced coders who want to get rich quick. I have personally built and sold a few businesses already, and some of our core team members have run businesses and have built software products successfully for years already.

LUXUO: Will Lampix eventually have its own blockchain or will it stay on other platforms?

POPESCU: At the moment we have no plans to build our own blockchain or to switch from Ethereum to another. However we never exclude anything completely and if the Ethereum blockchain becomes too crowded, too slow or too inefficient we have contingency plans. Only a small part of our ecosystem actually depends on the particular underlying blockchain. If needed we could make the transition relatively quickly.

The full LUXUO interview with Lampix CEO, George Popescu, can be found here:

Stay tuned for more developments from Lampix.