Developers Spotlight #1

How does Lampix work?

Lampix is a projection-based augmented reality device. Lampix uses advanced projection, depth-sensing, and object recognition technology.

How many lumens does Lampix have?

500-700 lumens.

What is the maximum size of the projection?

At its standard height of 35 in, the device's projection size is 23" x 37". If you mount Lampix higher or lower, the size and luminosity vary accordingly. Upon startup, Lampix calibrates and learns about its distance and orientation relative to the projection surface, so things work as expected.

Does the Lampix device make any noise?

At maximum brightness, the Lampix is approximately 23dB. The brighter the projection, the more heat needed to be dissipated by the fans. As such, the fans are slightly louder at faster speeds.

Does the Lampix device use a lot of electricity?

The current prototype consumes 150W.

What type of power source does the Lampix device use?

110VAC up to 240VAC can be used. This covers all countries’ standard power line voltage levels. Using an internal adapter, the Lampix device converts this electricity into 19V, supplying 150W of power.

I live outside of the United States. Can I still contribute to the project and be eligible for rewards?

Yes. We’re excited to offer the Lampix device internationally to the European Union and Canada. Please be sure to add international shipping and handling to your contribution.

Is Canada considered “international” for shipping?

Yes. We are asking that all international backers include the additional shipping and handling cost. We apologize for any inconvenience.

How do I ship my reward to an address that is NOT my billing address?

No worries! Upon successful project funding, we will be sending a message to all of our backers asking for their best shipping address before we send out any of the rewards. You’ll have a chance to email us your ideal shipping destination then.

I am a developer. How can I use Lampix?

Lampix Developer Edition comes with 4 apps installed. These apps are open source and can be used as starting points for creating your own apps. Also, there is a growing set of API documentation. Additional API documentation will be added as we create new features.

Can you use Lampix with a friend in another location?

Yes, you are able to collaborate with other people who have a Lampix. As Lampix is a WiFi enabled device, you can create apps that communicate with other Lampix devices on local or remote networks. Standard Lampix API functions include video-streaming and synchronization with other Lampix devices.

Does the Lampix device come with open API and example apps?

Yes, it includes source code as well.

Is there a simulator available if I don’t purchase the device?

Yes. The Simulator (beta) will be made available in July.

If I develop an app for the Lampix device, who owns the intellectual property?

The IP would belong to the app developer.

Are there any fees associated with the access to the API?

No, we are not planning fees for API access. At some point, we will have an option for cloud computing access which will require a paid monthly subscription.

Is it your intention to have an app store.

Yes, you can create apps and earn money by selling them to other Lampix users. In the future, we will have an app store where you can purchase apps using a credit card or PIX tokens.