Machine Vision Engineer

Feb 12, 2018

We are building Lampix and the PIX ecosystem, the first blockchain-based 'image mining' network to enable decentralized, distributed gathering of training data for computer vision algorithms. It enables a broad range of applications, from Lampix itself, through other augmented reality applications and even self-driving cars.

You are looking for a new challenge that will leverage - and stretch - your existing expertise in vision-oriented machine learning, more specifically data pre-processing and automated quality evaluation, training and evaluation of various algorithms for computer vision. You want the autonomy to own both the design and delivery for this part of the Engineering function.

It’s a match!

Essential skills should include most of these:

  • Computer vision principles and knowledge of various libraries such as OpenCV
  • Python & as many various libraries as possible, such as NumPy, Keras, Tensorflow
  • Good understanding of statistics
  • Good understanding of various machine learning principles and techniques
  • Good understanding of concurrent programming principles
  • Good understanding of algorithmic complexity
  • Uncompromising passion for writing performant, tested, readable code
  • Rigorous approach to profiling & optimising code
  • Version control

You get extra beer for:

  • Linear algebra, space transformations, projections
  • Basic computer graphics libraries (on various platforms such as Windows, Android, iOS)

What you get for sure:

  • Relaxed & independent work environment
  • Realization of own ideas within a flat hierarchy
  • Flexible working times
  • Equity options & PIX tokens available for the right candidate
  • Brasov relocation package