December 2017 Update from Lampix

Jan 02, 2018

Dear Community,

We are excited to share our monthly update for December 2017.

In addition to the updates listed below, we would also like our followers to know that Lampix was recently named Best Augmented Reality Display of 2017 by augmented and mixed reality news resource Next Reality.

Tech Our updated website with news section is live. The bounty system is active and functional. As of now, our community has generated 266 referral links and these have received a total of 2,806 impressions thus far. We expect to process the first PIX payments in January. Work on backend infrastructure in progress. Cleaning up our server architecture, throwing out unneeded active resources and consolidating. Data quality measurement is a work in progress. Doing lots of experiments and creating new datasets with the (still internal) Lampix training app. Close to the final decision on the apps our development Lampix device will be delivered with on Kickstarter. Stay tuned in January for the complete list. Further improvements and stabilization on the Lampix software stack. Work in progress aligning a new scientific advisor for the PIX Ecosystem from a renowned U.S. university. If all goes well, we will be able to publish details in January. We have approached machine learning experts from UPenn, Harvard Medical School Associates, and IBM. We have submitted a proposal to a potential advisor.

Operations Lampix has doubled our office space in New York City, as the team anticipates new hires and the deployment of our intern program. We have added Ilie Sochira to the Lampix team as a backend developer.

Sales In addition to our sales efforts in the U.S. and Europe, we have been approached by and opened negotiations with potential partners in the Gulf region. We have also been in contact with a big office collaboration player from the Midwest and have scheduled a demo with the company in January.

Hardware As we prepare for production scaling, we are identifying and contacting potential partners. We have submitted technical specifications to a potential partner in Europe. We have made upgrades with our current hardware and software for Bloomberg, one of our pilot clients. We have pre-ordered a batch of next generation depth cameras to be integrated into our next versions of prototypes.

Marketing In mid-December, CEO George Popescu spoke at BlockchainMix as part of a discussion panel on mixed reality and blockchain technology. Lampix will be hosting an event, "The Future of Mixed Reality is on the Blockchain," on January 18 in New York. We are actively engaged in the production of a handful of videos one of which is for our Kickstarter campaign, which will launch by March 2018.

Other Our PIX token is now listed on BigONE and Dew One exchanges and can be traded on OTCBTC. As we move into 2018, we will be focusing on a handful of priorities, which include: The launch of our highly-anticipated Kickstarter campaign by March with delivery in Summer 2018. Acquire at least one POC customer each month; Building of PIX Ecosystem beta by summer 2018; Acquire at least one PIX Ecosystem data client by Summer 2018; and Increase awareness of PIX token in cryptocurrency space.

We thank you for your continued support and wish you the best in the year ahead.