Lampix Announces Launch of New Website and Bounty Program

Dec 17, 2017

Lampix, a developer of augmented reality and machine learning devices, is pleased to announce the launch of its newly updated website,, and Bounty Program. This website overhaul includes an updated timeline of company milestones, news section, and bounty program, in which website visitors can receive PIX token rewards for sharing new developments and articles posted on

CEO George Popescu is excited to share this progress with the community of current and prospective followers in the augmented reality, blockchain and cryptocurrency arenas. Following the development, Popescu noted, “We have made significant progress this year, and believe that Lampix has quite a future ahead of us.” One of the challenges Lampix has faced to date is “keeping our large and growing community of followers up to date.” Popescu hopes that this website, along with recently added resources, will help tremendously in this area.

Lampix’s Bounty Program is a new type of marketing technology in blockchain, using blockchain rewards as a method of sharing company-approved content, paying rewards only as the content gets visitors. Each article posted on has a specialized sharing feature in which a unique PIX link is created upon the push of a button in the bottom right of the article. The combination of information regarding the location of the article to be shared and the sharer’s ETH address enables sharers to earn PIX credit at their ETH address when the shared link is clicked. Popescu is quite pleased about this development and believes the new website and implementation of the Bounty Program “will make a big difference.”

Lampix is building the first blockchain-based “image mining” network for augmented reality or any other computer vision system. This network in progress will be a decentralized database. In August 2017, Lampix successfully raised $14.2 million through an initial crypto token launch, also known as an ICO (initial coin offering).