November 2017 Update from Lampix

Nov 29, 2017

We are excited to share our monthly update for November. Due to some confidentiality, this is not a complete account of what we have been up to this month, but we are happy to say that there have been some significant developments for Lampix as a whole and we look forward to sharing more news with you in the coming months.

Tech The Intel+Realsense Lampix software stack was released and our first demos have been completed successfully. A redesigned website with a new menu structure, improved design, the addition of a news section and the creation of a bounty system is expected to release on or about December 6. Continuing work on the development of our image mining app along with the PIX ecosystem and server infrastructure. Lampix SW stack updates: CEF Browser in QA Updated the computer vision initialization procedure allowing for adjustments to the position of the auto white balance area

Operations With an increase in sales of the Lampix device, the scaling up of hardware production has become more of an immediate consideration. Our CEO’s trip to Asia this month included meetings with multiple well-known Japanese conglomerates regarding potential manufacturing and distribution agreements. Back in the U.S., our efforts toward integrating project and resource management to support our scaling up process has commenced.

We frequently receive inquiries regarding the building of the PIX ecosystem, our decentralized billion {image, description} database. At this time, we are entertaining collaboration opportunities with well known universities and institutions.

Sales We are advancing with our pilot partnership program across various industries and geographies that are increasingly interested in testing the Lampix platform and helping us define the best use cases. Some of our partners have requested that we don’t publicly disclose our work and we are respecting their wishes. Stay tuned as we will share these exciting partnerships as soon as is appropriate The feedback that we have already received for our AR solutions is a strong validation to the product and service we are pursuing and a good indicator for our future success

Hardware We are developing our manufacturing plan to create a scalable process in anticipation of our first limited production run in the first part of 2018 The current Lampix device has been upgraded with a better camera and internal computer as well as other small updates to make it physically more reliable Our next upgrade cycle will continue to focus on overall design and functionality

Marketing Our new Director of Marketing, James Ashworth started with us on November 13. On November 30, our CEO George Popescu spoke at the industry event, FintechO2O NYC: The Cryptocurrency Craze: Separating Hype from Reality. George also spent approximately two weeks traveling in Asia to promote the Lampix device and the Company’s PIX token. During his road trip, he attended meetings and events in several countries. Here are some of the highlights: In Seoul, Mr. Popescu presented Lampix to an audience of approximately 2,000 attendees at the Herald Design event. While in China, he met with multiple groups to aid in the listing of PIX on various Chinese exchanges.

He also met with Kenetic Capital Management’s Mr. Jehan Chu who expressed great interest in the Lampix product and its ecosystem.

At the 2017 Singapore FinTech Festival, Lampix hosted a private event where Lampix and the PIX token were presented to numerous funds.

On the final leg of his Asian trip, he hosted an organized event in Japan with approximately 25 local business owners and high net worth individuals that are engaged in the Blockchain industry. He also met with 4 exchanges, including one on which the Company anticipates being listed in the near future To learn more about our CEO’s trip and developments, please continue reading this important update here

Other Our PIX token is now listed on Hashtoken BigONE is now accepting PIX token deposits As of December 7, PIX will also be listed on CoinComing

Stay tuned for more updates from Lampix.